Accès BaBylissPRO™ Private



Mix, match, make it yours !


Your dryer. Your way...

The BaBylissPRO® Luminoso™ line was created in the tradition of Italian craftsmanship to bring a level of personalization that elevates a styling tool from simply “a dryer” to “YOUR dryer.” Express your individuality and create a unique style by selecting from 6 different dryer colors, each including 8 different colored accent filters. With up to 48 possible combinations, you can change your dryer’s look as often as the mood strikes you.

A powerful 2100W made in Italy professional dryer with a beautiful finish that features a long-life AC motor for outstanding air speed and fast drying results.
Ionic technology leaves hair with a smooth, shiny and frizz-free finish. Its superior build quality with a smart, streamlined design for comfortable handling and maximum control ensures this new dryer truly delivers top professional performance and style.

Ultra light & ultra efficient
Long-life AC motor
Air speed: 130km/h

Flexibility & control
6 heat and speed settings.
Cold air switch for perfect hold and long-lasting results.
Its slanted, narrow (6mm) nozzle is perfect for looser styling because its slightly diagonal shape combines perfectly with the contours of a round brush.

Hair care
A central ionic generator allows an in-depth action of the millions of negative ions generated and decreases tension due to static electricity at the surface of the hair.
Thanks to the ionic technology hair gets smooth, shiny and much easier to disentangle and style.

Comfort & balance
Viola’s light weight and ideal balance make it perfect for the salon and help relieve muscular tensions in the forearm in order to fight repetitive strain injuries and occupational diseases.


• Powerful: 2100W
• Long-life AC motor
• Air speed: 130km/h
• Ultra-Light weight: 450g
• Ionic technology
•Ultra narrow slanted concentrator nozzle (6mm x 70mm)
with venturi action: +20% power
• Removable rear filter for easy and quick cleaning
• 2.70m professional power cord