Accès BaBylissPRO™ Private



Smoothing care

Exclusive ultrasonic technology
Ultrasonic technology transforms water into a cool micro mist that creates shine and adds moisture into hair.
The cool micro mist generated by the ultrasonic transducer is evenly distributed through the center channel of the plates, reducing heat intensity and preserving hair’s integrity.

Perfect and long-lasting results
Ultrasonic cool mist technology softens hair instantaneously. Its lubricating and moisturizing action reduces friction on the hair while straightening and leaves hair sleek, smooth and shiny.

The plates glide effortlessly through the hair for super sleek styles with a brilliant high shine finish. Only one straight shot is enough to perfectly tame and straighten any kind of hair, even the coarsest one.

Precision and control
• Optional ultrasonic cool mist function with on/off switch
• 5 heat settings (150°C – 170°C – 190°C – 210°C – 230°C) for long lasting results and possibility to use the straightener on any type of hair
• Temperature display allows precise heat control on the plates
• Lock/unlock switch to remove the water reservoir
• Stay-cool housing resists the ultra-high heat for comfortable handling

A micrometric metallic plates coating obtained by electroplating, avoiding friction on hair for even more smoothness, containing no chemical agents for better resistance to high-heat and providing even heat distribution all through the plates.

EP TECHNOLOGY 5.0 coated plates are:
• 3 x harder & longer lasting
• 3 x smoother
• hard-wearing to chemicals
give lasting & perfect results and leave hair respected & sublimated

guarantee: immediate heat-up and consistent high heat up to 230°C

Advanced Heat Management™ system
The straightener combines the best in self-regulating heating elements which provide precise and continuous electronic regulation of the temperature and has a broad range of recuperation reaction and capacity.


• 230 °C
• EP TECHNOLOGY 5.0 28mm x 110mm plates
• Mist function
• Removable water reservoir
• Reservoir lock/unlock switch
• Ultrasonic mist control (on/off)
• Ceramic heating element
• Instant heat up
• Digital temperature control
• Temperature level display
• On/off switch
• Silicone heat mat
• Cleaning brush
• 2.70 m swivel power cord

For in-depth beauty action
Beautiful results that last longer!