1- Using BaBylissPRO GoldFX Clipper FX8700GE, create guideline with no guard but taper adjustment open all the way.

2- Remove hair below the guideline with BaBylissPRO GoldFX Clipper and taper adjustment open.

3- Use the taper adjustment to work your way down to the ‘closed’ position to create graduation from short to long.The locking taper adjustment maintains precision in length when creating the perfect blend.

4- Blend the weight line using C- scoop technique.

5- Line up the edges around the hairline with the BaBylissPRO RoseFX Trimmer FX7880RGE.

6- Bald out everything below the occipital bone using the BaBylissPRO stainless steel FoilFX double foil shaver FXFS2E.

7- Texturize the top with 7” shears.


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Photo: Luis Alvarez - Instagram: @luis_alvarez_babylisspro - Barber: Harry Houdini - Instagram: @houdinistyle - Men’s Grooming: Nicole Fowler - Instagram: @nicole_fowler_babylisspro