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Thanks to SUS304 stainless steel

A stainless steel construction that boasts a
combination of lightness, ergonomics and extreme
resistance to corrosion and to the warping that
can result from high temperatures. This warp-free
construction ensures the plates remain perfectly
parallel, constant over time, and thus ensures
the same alignment in relation to the hair when

Thanks to EP TECHNOLOGY 5.0

A metal particle coating created using the
same electro-galvanising process as is used in
jewellery-making generates even less friction and so
the plates are even smoother. These plates contain
no chemical agents and so ensure an even greater
resistance to high temperatures and even more
homogeneous heat over their entire surface.

Thanks to a rounded design

Its exclusive convex design and its ultra-sleek
chrome surface make it ideal for straightening and
curling hair.
Its dual function lets you use it in exactly the same
way as you would use curling tongs thanks to its
built-in locking system and its outer elliptical form
heated by thermal conduction.



Thanks to IonMultiplier technology

ELIPSIS3000 has the latest generation of ion
generator offering a greater concentration of ions
for softer, silkier and shinier hair.
ELIPSIS3000 is a hair care booster and improves
the beauty of the hair.



Thanks to FullWave Thermal Science technology

A high density dual ceramic heating element
for even more power making the ELIPSIS3000
20% faster than the best professional stylers. This
heating element also provides exceptional heat
distribution over the entire surface of the plates,
and instant heat recovery to maintain constant
With 5 temperature settings ranging from 150°C
to 230°C, it is suitable for all hair types, even the
most difficult, as well as in technical treatments
(technical and keratin straightening).

Thanks to extraordinary plates

   • Over 34 cm² straightening surface area,
that is to say over 60% compared to other
professional straighteners.
’s wider and longer plates make easier
and faster to straighten, thereby saving the hairstylist
time and energy.
   • Floating plates
Like cushions, they shape themselves to the
hair perfectly and hold it firmly throughout the
straightening session without having to grip the
hair too tightly so it’s more comfortable to use and
it creates less tension in the wrist and hand.

Thanks to advanced materials

In addition to its SUS304 build, the ELIPSIS3000
also comprises, in key places, Ryton and silicone,
insulating materials that are highly resistant to heat.
The styler comes with a glove that protects the
fingers from heat and a silicone insulating mat.



It’s not necessary to adjust ELIPSIS3000’s
temperature to the highest setting.
It’s not necessary to grip ELIPSIS3000 too tightly so
that it holds the hair perfectly.
ELIPSIS3000 can be used for purposes other than
straightening and creating volume.
ELIPSIS3000 can create many kinds of straightening
and curling.

Yes! It’s all possible

ELIPSIS3000’s high performance level guarantees
the temperature is kept constant and the heat
perfectly even over the entire surface of the plates.
Its floating plates shape themselves perfectly to
the hair and result in a perfect straightening that
lasts until the next time hair is washed.
Because of its design, it can get closer to the roots
of the hair and lift it to give it more volume.
Its rounded shape lets one create perfect curls
and a multitude of different styles.


Features at the cutting edge of technology make ELIPSIS3000 an exceptional luxury tool.

• FullWave Thermal Science
• IonMultiplier Technology
• 20% faster
• Advanced materials

ELIPSIS3000 redefines ease of use, multi-function, versatility and excellence in performance.




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