Accès BaBylissPRO™ Private

5.5” professional texturizer BABST550E



Cryogenically tempered Japanese steel
Titanium coating
High quality craftsmanship

A 24-tooth cutting shear designed specifically to creates control and texture while removing bulk.
It creates volume and dimension, and breaks up solid lines for modern style.
It can be used from mid-shaft to ends of the hair. Keep blades moving while cutting out to the ends.

By weaving the ends of hair, a perfect broken line is created. The ability to break the line consistently is the point of texturizing the hair. This cannot be done by
chipping into hair with conventional shears. The effect is entirely different, and every head of hair takes on a fresh, new look.

This shear is made with Japanese steel designed to maintain sharpness and durability, thus allowing more cuts with less sharpening.
Its blades reach and keep an extremely sharp edge without being heavy or brittle.
In addition, they are 100% corrosion resistant.

Rotating thumb allows stylist to achieve maximum control with reduced physical effort and significantly less thumb travel. The rotating thumb element also ensures an elbow-down, wrist-straight position while cutting, thus providing better control and comfort while cutting.

Ergonomic handle design creates an open, natural grip for the stylist. This grip helps to eliminate hand and thumb stress, associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. The hairdresser experiences relief from strained body positioning.

Adjustable tension control on swivel ring for custom movement.



• 5.5’’
• 24-tooth curved comb
• Cryogenically tempered Japanese steel
• Titanium coating
• Double swivel thumb
• Storage case
• Lubricating oil
• Finger inserts
• Lifetime warranty