Accès BaBylissPRO™ Private



Braid maker

Creates braids and hairstyles

After Miracurl®, which effortlessly creates perfect curls, comes PerfecTwist which creates twists and braids that are just as perfect and just as effortless.
BaBylissPRO® just keeps innovating !

The feature of this light and ergonomically designed unit that fits perfectly in your hand is in the way it creates twists consistently.

Twisting, braiding and decorating the hair is made so much easier and more fun with PerfecTwist which will let you create hairstyles as often as your customers like to satisfy all their desires.

How does it work?
Take up a section of hair to twist and divide this section into two more sections. Fasten the ends of these two sections to the hooks on either side of the unit’s head. Now, with PerfecTwist aligned with the ends of the sections, pull the hair tight.
In position I, each of the sections is twisted. You can make the twist more or less tight by running the unit for more or less time.
Now switch the position of the unit so the hooks stop and the unit head starts twisting the two sections into one.
Then switch the unit to position 0 and remove the ends of the twist from their respective hooks. Secure the twist using the accessories provided.
Repeat this procedure as many times as you want to !
The unit also comes with hair decorations and jewelry that let you change the results and styles in addition to creating either a natural or casual style or a sophisticated style for that special evening out.
One or more rings can be placed on one or both of the hooks before starting and then slid onto the sections of hair to be twisted into the style. In position I, the unit will twist each of the sections separately; in position II, after sliding the ring or rings to the desired location, the two sections will be twisted together encrusting the rings in the twist.
The twists can also be festooned with ribbons, pearls or strands. To do this, attach the accessory with a clip or elastic to the top of one of the sections and, holding the ends of the accessory and section together, slide them
under the hook. The accessory and the hair will then be twisted together at the same time !
PerfecTwist is battery operated (included) and is provided with 50 trendy accessories !


> 10 different ribbons and threads
> 16 mini clamps of 2 different sizes and colors
> 6 rings of different colors and shapes
> 18 elastics of 3 different sizes