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Travel crimping iron - Ceramic Technology


Little in size (15cm) !

You will be surprised by its efficiency.

It can be carried out anywhere. 


• Take up a section of hair, placing the crimping iron near the roots but not too close to the scalp. Close the plates over the section and hold a few seconds depending on the type of hair. Then place the crimper a little lower starting below the last crimped section. Repeat along the length of the section.

• Allow the sections to cool completely before handling.

• After use, press the ON/OFF button and unplug the unit.

• Allow the hot unit to cool before storage.



• Unplug the unit and allow to cool completely

• Clean the plates using a soft, damp cloth without detergent to preserve the optimal quality of the plates

• Do not scratch the plates

• Store the crimper with the plates closed tightly to protect them.


• 15 mm Ceramic Technology plates

• On/off switch

• Automatic temperature control (200°C)

• Ultra fast heat-up

• Indicator light

• 1.80m long power cord

• 120-230V dual voltage