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Top travel hair dryers


"Traveling yes, but never without my hairdryer"!

The Bambino nomadic hairdryer was created for hairdressers who wish to travel "light", with the strict minimum but without skipping their blowdrying. It is ultra powerful and ultra compact! 1200W of power for only 12.5cm!

A real space saver in the suitcase or in the bag to take it everywhere with you, ideal for travel, weekends, international trips, seminars, training or even after the workout.

The Bambino hairdryer has a “travel” size but is as achieving as a compact model. It features 2 speed and heat settings. It can be taken along anywhere thanks to its dual-voltage feature (120-240V) and its selection switch. And as it so small but so great, it is provided with its diffuser and concentrator nozzle. Its additional advantages, a removable rear filter to make cleaning easy, a 1.80m long professional cord and a suspension ring to store it easily.

This mini hairdryer rivals its full size counterpart with its ability to dry hair in minutes!

How to use the travel hairdryer?

• Plug the unit into the mains and select speed I or II to start it.

• Speed II: for maximum heat and air volume and for fast drying, using your fingers or the diffuser to style wavy or curly hair.

• Speed I: for gentle drying, with fingers or using the concentrator nozzle for very gentle blow-drying, or to very gently dry curly hair using the concentrator.

• After use, push the button to the 0 position and unplug.

• Allow the unit to cool before storing.

What are the recommendations, the operating instruction for using this hairdryer while traveling abroad?

This appliance is intended for professional use. Use on Alternating Current (60/50 hertz) only. This dryer is designed to operate at 120 or 240 volts A.C.

For use in the Euro, the voltage selector switch should be placed in the 240 position.

For use in several countries overseas, the voltage selector may need to be placed in the 120 position. Confirm the voltage available at each overseas location before using the appliance. A plug adapter may be necessary in certain countries.

For 120 Volt Operation Flick the dual voltage switch to the 120 position. Then the dryer can be operated at 110 - 120 volt AC.

For 240 Volt Operation Flick the Dual Voltage switch to the 240 position. Then the dryer can be operated at 220 - 240 volt AC.

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  • 1200W
  • 2 heat- and speed settings (I-0-II)
  • Removable filter
  • 1.80m long power cord
  • Worldwide voltage
  • Mini concentrator nozzle 7x51mm
  • Mini diffuser