Accès BaBylissPRO™ Private



Ionic technology : a unique hair care system


This very compact table dryer is perfect for hairstylists who want to offer their services at home. Easy to carry and foldable, thus easy to store, the hood is very large for comfort, even with large rollers. the airflow is adjustable. as soon as the hair is styled, it only takes a few seconds to fold the dryer and store it away after it has cooled down.


Hair is naturally positively charged; this positive charge is increased during drying and generates static electricity that causes the scales of the hair to move away from each other. The surface of your hair thus becomes rough and takes on a lifeless appearance. The negative ions generated by the hairdryer will neutralise the positive charge and in this way remove any static electricity in the hair. The hair cuticles thus properly closed, the hair is shiny, easy to style. It has also been proven that ionic technology acts as a catalyst for hair products.


Place the hood dryer on a table before opening it. Facing the front of the dryer, release the front hood latch by bending the latch slightly toward you. Lift the hood and stem up and forward by the handle  until the stem is in the maximum forward position. Then tilt the hood back slightly until it snaps into place under the hood lock. Height adjustment: tilt the hood and stem right back and lift the extendable neck to adjust height. Once satisfied that the extendable neck is the correct height, carefully allow the hood and stem to tilt forward to maintain height adjustment.


Prepare the hair for drying e.g. in rollers, lightly towel dried, etc. Ensure that the power switch  is in «off» position and plug in. Switch to either I (low) or II (high). Use position II for thick or long hair or for starting the drying process, and position I for normal drying or for perfectly safe drying of damaged hair or synthetic hair extensions. As a general rule, it is recommended to start in position II and end drying in position I. Adjust the vents so that there is more or less air on the top, front or back of the head, as your hairstyle requires. Rotating the handle to left or right opens or closes vents that affect the distribution of air flow inside the hood.




Variable airflow

Large hood gives room for rollers

Ionic generator

Built-in carry handle

Foldable for easy storage

2 heat & speed settings

Cord storage compartment