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Straighten and curl with beauty with the professional styler Digistyle BaBylissPRO4Artists thanks to its ceramic floating plates infused with Keratin!


Hair consists of 95% keratin which acts like a shield and protects hair fiber from UV, heat and external aggressors. The DIGISTYLE BAB2395E features keratin infused ceramic floating plates. This infused keratin will compensate the keratin lost by the hair fiber during the highheat straightening process.Beauty effects will then be enhanced by the ionic technology. Keratin infused ceramic plates coupled with the frizz-controlling ionic generator deliver long-lasting smoothness and enhances shine.

Our hair-artist Eric Zemmour shares with us behind the scenes, the realization of his Diva collection with the professional Styler DIGISTYLE... beyond all limits. No matter which way, it's alaways gonna be so glam! Up and down, sleek and textured, classic or retro. These collection will turn heads...

Discover the video of his Diva collection

Can you straighten and curl with the professional Digistyle styler?

The DIGISTYLE has been specially designed to straighten and curl easily. Control, safety and customization. There are 10 temperature settings to select from 140°C-230°C for styling various hair types. The DIGISTYLE BAB2395E features keratin infused ceramic plates to deliver ultra-fast styling with long-lasting smoothness and flawless shine. The advanced ceramic heating system delivers fast heat up and instant heat transfer with regulated temperature control up to 230˚C for consistent results.

What are the advantages of this professional Digistyle styler?

  • Ionic technology

Hair is by nature charged positively, this positive charge is strengthened further during drying and generates static electricity that makes the hair scales push away from each other. The hair’s surface thus becomes rough and the hair looks lifeless. The negative ions generated by the high output ion generator of the styler neutralize this positive charge and so eliminate static electricity. With the hair cuticles properly closed, hair is soft and shiny, easy to style. It has also been proven that ionic technology catalyzes the action of hair products.

How to adjust the temperature of this styler?

Please see below the recommended ideal temperature of the styler's keratin-infused ceramic plates according to the hair type:


  • Very fine, fragile hair 140-150°C
  • Regularly coloured or highlighted hair 160°C
  • Fine, easy to curl hair 170°C
  • Normal textured hair 180-190°C
  • Naturally curly or wavy hair 200°C
  • Thick or coarse hair 210-230°C


IMPORTANT! This styler is designed to reach high temperatures. If the maximum temperature is too hot for the hair type then select a lower temperature setting.

The styler has an automatic shut-off feature for added safety. If the appliance is switched on for more than 60 minutes continuously, then it will automatically switch off.

The DIGISTYLE also features a temperature memory function which allows you to select your preferred temperature setting and store it for consistent results during each use. Its smart and refined heat protection wrap allows safe storage till the next use.

How to use the Digistyle Styler ? 

  • Press the ‘I/0’ button to switch the styler on.
  • The digital display will flash 3 times and automatically start heating up to 180°C, where it will remain once it’s reached this temperature. • Use the temperature buttons (+/-) to select the preferred temperature. The temperature increases in 10°C increments for specific temperature control (140°C-230°C). IMPORTANT! Always start with a lower temperature and increase gradually if required.
  • The display will flash 3 times to confirm the temperature has been selected.
  • After use, press and hold the ‘I/0’ button to switch your styler off and unplug.
  • Allow to cool completely before storing away. For extra protection, wrap the styler in the salon heat wrap.


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  • 25 x 90 mm keratin infused ceramic plates for smoothness and shine
  • High output ionic generator
  • Advanced ceramic heater gives fast heat up with constant, regulated temperature control
  • 10 digital temperature settings 140°C-230°C with memory function for all hair types
  • Heat mat with storage compartment for convenience and safety
  • Salon length 3m swivel cord for ease of use
  • Auto shut-off after 60 mins


Temperature Memory Function :

The memory feature allows you to select your preferred temperature setting and store it for consistent results during each use.

  • To program your preferred temperature, ensure the appliance is switched on. Select the temperature you require by using the temperature buttons (+/-) and by viewing the digital display.
  • Hold down the memory button (M) for 3 seconds. The temperature on the digital display will flash 3 times to confirm the temperature has been stored and the memory light ‘ ’ symbol on the LED will illuminate.
  • The memory function will store the selected temperature setting 8 for all uses.
  • When switching the straightener back on for the next use, simply press the memory button (M), the memory light will illuminate and your stored temperature will be automatically selected.

NOTE: To reset the stored temperature at any time, simply select a different temperature and hold down the memory button for 3 seconds, wait for it to flash 3 times and the new temperature will be stored