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BaBylissPRO® introduces the STELLATO DIGITAL, even lighter and more efficient than any of the best professional digital hair dryers in the market.

2400 W power, 208 km/h air speed, 22 800 rpm, 1860Pa air pressure, 91 m3/h air volume, 6.30 grams of water dried per minute… that is to say a dryer 26% faster, providing 37% more air flow, 76% more air pressure, 33% more flow precision. And 396 grams only!!!

Grant eligible

Repetitive stress injuries make up half the occupational illnesses suffered by hairstylists. Triggers: back arched, head tilted, elbow raised, arm stretched and wrist twisted. Preventing repetitive stress injury (RSI) is an important priority for the profession. The STELLATO DIGITAL is the perfect tool to help fight RSI. A wrist perfectly aligned with the appliance’s centre of gravity, the guarantee of a balanced, comfortable grip free of strain in the forearm and a feather light weight of just 396 grams offers the professional stress-free working conditions.

The STELLATO DIGITAL is referenced in the framework of the French program to prevent occupational illnesses and musculoskeletal injuries implemented by Health Insurance authorities in collaboration with hairstyling institutions in France. This means that our hair dryer is eligible to subsidies granted by the Health Insurance in order to fight RSI.


Provided with a FERRARI designed Electronic Digital Motor, its lifespan is up to 10 times longer than traditional hairdryers and driven by electronics for optimum output. Air flow and speed are constantly controlled for maximum stability. There is no decrease of power, nor decrease of performance. Vibrations are significantly reduced.

Moreover the STELLATO DIGITAL’s engine is equipped with a sensor that enables it to detect the nozzle attached and to automatically adjust its speed and air flow. When using a concentrator nozzle the dryer’s motor will detect the accessory and will automatically accelerate. This exclusive feature offers genuine efficiency, the best styling results and total respect of the hair fiber.

Dual nozzle

The STELLATO DIGITAL hair dryer comes with 3 different concentrator nozzles.

One straight, narrow 6mm x 60mm nozzle that is perfect for straightening because it lets you achieve the required tension on the hair. One ultra-thin 4mm x 70mm nozzle for optimal, controlled air pressure and even more efficiency.

And a brand new ultra-thin and DUAL concentrator nozzle for even greater air flow optimization, twice as much efficiency and time saving.

Turbo function, power and care booster

The turbo function has the twofold advantage of being able to increase speed and air flow without increasing temperature. It makes drying faster or can emphasize the finishing touches on certain locks without compromising hair protection.

The STELLATO DIGITAL also comes with a silencer for more comfort in use and a diffuser for drying curly and wavy hair without adding unwanted volume.

Ionic technology

Its efficient ionic generator makes drying and styling easier in decreasing tension at the hair surface, giving smooth, shiny and healthy hair. The STELLATO DIGITAL features 12 speed and temperature settings for maximum flexibility and a cold shot for the final touch. Specially designed for maximum airflow, low noise, low vibration and minimum weight, the STELLATO DIGITAL hair dryer, a pure MADE IN ITALY technological and engineering gem, delivers faster drying and long lasting styling results with the hairstylists’ comfort in mind.


The STELLATO DIGITAL will be your fellow worker for a long time and the more you will keep it clean, the longer it will last. Love your hair dryer and make sure it is kept clean for proper operating performance. Clean it on a daily basis.

For more information on how to ensure the best maintenance, refer to the cleaning instructions indicated in the booklet delivered with the dryer.


• Ferrari designed EDM TECHNOLOGY engine

• Powerful 2400 watts

• Lightweight 396 g

• Long life, up to 10 000 hours

• Air speed: 208km/hr

• Airflow: 91 m3/h

• Central ion generator

• 12 speed and temperature settings

• Cold shot

• Turbo function

• 3 concentrator nozzles

• Diffuser

• Silencer

• Removable rear filter

• 2,8m tangle-free power cord