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Ultra-compact and even more powerful !


Vulcano-HQ: Dream to get an ultra-compact and ultra-powerful hair dryer?A powerful 2400W made in Italy professional dryer that features a high-performance and long-life AC motor for outstanding 166km/h air speed and fast drying results and time saving. An outstanding air pressure of 1 438 Pa and a perfectly controlled heat deliver unfailing efficiency, optimum drying and long-lasting perfect styling results with stronger resistance to humidity. Its superior build quality and ultra-compact design (16.5 cm long) for comfortable handling and maximum control ensure this dryer truly delivers professional performance and style. Its lightweight reduces muscular tensions.

Vulcano-HQ: the 5 advantages of this compact hair dryer!

1. Very high-performance made in Italy AC engine
This engine is designed for intensive professional use and offers superior professional performance. It delivers an air flow of 89 m3/h and 1 438 Pa air pressure for long-lasting styling results. Delivering 166 km/hr. air speed, it offers a superfast drying and energy-saving.

2. High-performance heating element
Optimizes the heating areas and delivers even and uniform temperature. The power of the heating element offers an outstanding drying rate of 6 grams of water dried in a minute. Average temperature of 80°C at 25 mm without concentrator nozzle and up to 130°C with concentrator nozzle (at max. speed).

3.100% professional handle and heavy-duty power cord and bushing

  • Vulcano-HQ is provided with a new handle which optimizes the overall balance of the dryer. Its ideal balance makes it perfect for the salon; its ergonomic handle helps relieve muscular tensions in the forearm in order to fight repetitive strain injuries and occupational diseases. This handle has proven its worth with the Rapido, BaBylissPRO®’s spearhead of the drying category. The grip is perfectly shaped along the axis of the center of gravity, ensuring a balanced hold. Its ergonomic design fits in the palm of the hand, ensuring a secure grip between the thumb and the index finger. This handle has been designed for intensive use.
  • With this new handle comes a new power cord bushing over 3 times stronger than the previous one which was already of very good quality as it allowed over 60 000 bendings without damages (standard requirements for professional dryers are at 10 000 bendings).The new cord bushing achieves over 200 000 bendings without damages. Power cord breakage being one of the main technical defects encountered with professional dryers, this is a major improvement and a considerable benefit for hairstyling professionals who work all-day and daily with hair dryers.


4.Hair care and beauty

A central ionic generator allows an in-depth action of the millions of negative ions generated and decreases tension due to static electricity at the surface of the hair. Ionic technology leaves hair with a smooth, shiny and frizz-free finish, much easier to disentangle
and style. A cold shot and a lock-in cold air position give hair shine and perfect hold and long-lasting results.

5. Flexibility and control
6 heat and speed settings.
2 narrow concentrator nozzles 6 mm x 60 mm and 6 mm x 75 mm with venturi effect for more versatility while styling.



• 2400W
• Ultra-long life and high performance made in Italy AC motor
• Air speed 166km/hr.
• Air pressure 1 438 Pa
• Air flow 89 m3/hr.
• 535g
• Ionic technology
• Narrow concentrator nozzles 6 mm x 60 mm and 6 mm x 75 mm with venturi action : +20% power
• Removable rear filter for easy and quick cleaning
• 2.70m professional power cord

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