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3D WAVER - 19mm


How to get the wavy mermaid hair with the 3D Waver ?


Do you dream of getting the fashion models glam waves of the red carpet ....?

The red carpet, the perfect place to decipher hairstyle trends and be inspired !!!! This year, beautiful natural waves are back ... But how to get the sensuals mermaid waves …?

We will tell you the secret and  show you everything in backstage, because that's where it really happens ... We will tell you the star tool that hairstylists use to create this famous wavy mermaid on the hair of our top models ...

Well .... this is the professional 3D Waver iron from BaBylissPRO!



BaBylissPRO 3D Waver, the ultra-trendy professional wavier used by all hair artists in backstage at fashion weeks and hair shows.

This double iron (diameter 19mm) allows you to quickly achieve sublime waves thanks to these heating tubes of Titanium Tourmaline technology to preserve the hair fiber. Its ultra-fast temperature setting can be adjusted in 5 positions 140 ° C-160 ° C, 180 ° C - 200 ° C or 210 ° C for each type of hair, from the most fragile to the thickest. 

The multifunctional barrels create beautiful smooth waves.  The ionic technology sublimates the fiber while eliminating static electricity, allowing the realization of curls with an out-of-range effect and without frizz. Leaves hair shiny, glossy and silky.

What is ionicTechnolgy for ? 

Hair is made of keratin and keratin tends to get positively charged. Styling, brushing, drying generate static electricity in the hair because of the friction with the bristles of the brushes or even the hot air. Each hair being positively charged, gets to push others away, which gives this scattering effect called “staticky hair”.

The intensity of this effect is even greater, should hair be fragile, dry, damaged or color-treated. The anti-static effect of the negative ions generated by the appliance decreases tension at the hair surface and therefore improves it.

This will reinforce shine and softness and make hair easier to disentangle and style. Shine and softness are the main characteristics of beautiful hair. The waver sputters slightly, this sound is normal for a high output ion generator.


• Plug the curling iron in.

• Select the desired temperature (please see temperature control guide).

• Section dry hair evenly, and comb each section.

• Position the iron on the hair as far up as you want hair to be styled, being careful not to let the iron touch the scalp.

• Close the iron with the hair between the barrels and hold for a few seconds.

• Repeat this process down to the end of the hair if desired. Let the hair cool before combing.

If the unit remains unused for longer than about 72 minutes, the auto shut-off will turn the unit off; this option increases the life of the barrels and provides greater safety.

Do you like the wavy effect and natural waves?

You would surely like the other wave effects, discover now the BaBylissPRO professional wavers line, the WAVER dial-a-heat 3D waver to create S-shaped waves and curls- BAB2269TTE, and the dial-a-heat Hi-DEFWAVER for deeper waves-BAB2469TTE

How to choose your wavy effect ? Discover the video of the 3 wavers introduced by our hairstyling expert. 

Share your mermaid hairstyles with us by tagging all your photos with @babylisspro #waver


Creates a variety of sassy looks

Titanium-Tourmaline Technology

• 19mm

Advanced Heat Management System 

• Advanced ceramic heating element

• Instant heat recovery to maintain the correct temperature during use

• Ultra fast heat-up

True ionic generator

• Fights “staticky” hair and removes all static electricity

Precision & control

• Temperature control (150°C to 210°C)

• On/off switch & digital temperature control

• 2.70m professional swivel cord


Before removing any hair-product residues left on the wand:

• Check that the iron is turned off and unplugged and that it has cooled.

• Clean the iron using a damp cloth and non-corrosive detergent or soap. Before using again, check that the appliance is dry