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Профессиональная фен-щетка


The power to create dramatic volume. 
Ionic technology to eliminate frizz and static electricity.
The 50mm brush is perfect for styling longer hair lengthswhilst the 40mm brush is perfect for short layers and fringes.


  • After shampoo, towel dry and untangle hair carefully.
  • Use the hot-air brush on predried, slightly damp hair that is completely tangle free.
  • Use clips to separate hair so that you can work on one section at a time. Start with the sections underneath. Sections should be a maximum of 2 cm wide and as even as possible.

Attaching and removing the brush attachments

  • Slip a brush attachment on the body of the unit and then lock it using the lock button on the top of the brush attachment.
  • To remove a brush attachment, unlock it and gently pull it off.


Two-way rotation

To roll the section of hair around the rotating head automatically, press the button for the desired direction (right or left) and hold throughout the blow-drying. The right or left rotation corresponds to the handling as well as to the desired effect of blow-drying under or out. To stop rotating, release the button.

 Using the rotating brush

• To prepare the section and to untangle, lift the roots of the small section and straighten the section, with the unit set to hot, in one or two strokes but without turning the brush.

• Hold the section of hair at a 90° angle to the head so that the hair underneath doesn’t get tangled.

• Slide the brush over the section while turning the brush, but not completely, repeat several times while sliding the brush from the roots to the tips.

• Finish with a full turn of the section around the brush from roots to tips, hold a few seconds so that the section is completely heated and shaped and so that the roots are lifted. 

• Repeat the operation if necessary, according to the hair type.

• Give a shot of cool air at the end for a long-lasting set. To do this, use the cool-air setting without turning the rotating head.

  • Blow-drying outwards

Place the brush under the section at the tips of the hair, and start the automatic rotation to turn outwards.

  • Blow-drying under

Place the brush above the section at the tips of the hair, and start the automatic rotation to turn outwards.




2 сменные насадки: 40 и 50 мм

Щетина из кабана и нейлона с эпоксидными кончиками

Мощность 800Вт

2 скорости

2 температурных режима и холодный воздух

2 направления вращения


Профессиональный пфровод 2,7 м

Снимаемый фильтр для легкой очистки