Accès BaBylissPRO™ Private



Professional hair pen trimmer


Conveniently and safely trims unwanted hair

Wide blade for body hair and small blade for precise trimming (eyebrows)

The FX757E precision trimmer has a double cutting guide. The side with the short teeth is designed to cut hair very short; the side with the longer teeth is more appropriate for straightening hair and leaving it a little longer.

Before attaching the cutting guide, make sure the unit is turned off; then slide the guide over the trimmer head to be sure that the theet (Short/ long) are faacing in the same direction as the wide trimming blade. To remove, simply pull off.


1. Remove the protective cap and turn the unit on using the switch.

2. Hold the unit at a slight angle against the area to cut/shave, facing the direction of hair growth.

3. Always cut/shave in the direction of growth without pressing down on the blade  as this could damage it or result in injury.

4. Gently pull the skin with your free hand for a closer shave.


Pen-size trimmer

Includes: 2 height attachment combs and protective cover

1.5V - Works on 1 AAA-LR3 battery (included)