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Rapido hair dryer takes up the challenge to combine power, efficiency and hair care!


The Rapido Light Bronze professional hair dryer blow dries hair in record time!

It takes up the challenge to combine lightweight, efficiency and hair care ! Robust, powerful (2200W) and ultra light (399g), the professional RAPIDO hair dryer from BaBylissPRO® with its  EDM TECHNOLOGY digital motor developed in collaboration with FERRARI, blow dries hair effortlessly at 194 km/h in record time !




1-2- 3... Ready ? Blow dry!

And you? Would you be tempted by its performance?


With this new hair dryer, BaBylissPRO thinks above all about our well-being!

Discover its 6 strenghts that will revolutionize the way we blow-dry!

  • 399 g > one of the lightest high-performance professional dryers in the world.

The RAPIDO is referenced by the French Health Insurance in partnership with the Hairstyling Institutions in terms of occupational diseases and musculo-skeletal disorders prevention. It is provided with a handle perfectly shaped along the axis of the center of gravity of the dryer, ensuring a balanced hold, which optimizes the overall balance of the dryer.

  • Ultra-fast & powerful

> high drying performance 2 200 W Turbo function booster of power and care


> Faster revolutions than a traditional motor

> Greater compactness and reduced weight

> Up to 10 times longer lifespan

> No carbon brush: no carbon residue emission: no air pollution - Significantly improved energy yield 25% faster

> ultra-fast drying = time and energy savings

6.10 g of water dried per minute

22 500 revolutions of motor per minute

91 m3/h air flow

194 km/hr = +30% air speed

  •  Its ergonomic design fits in the palm of the hand, ensuring a secure grip between the thumb and the index finger.

This handle has been designed for intensive use. Heavy-duty power cord bushing over 3 times stronger achieves over 200 000 bendings without damages (standard requirements for professional dryers are at 10 000 bendings). Power cord breakage being one of the main technical defects encountered with professional dryers, this is a major improvement and a considerable benefit for hairstyling professionals who work all-day and daily with hair dryers.

  • Ultra-precise

> high performance of styling + 70% air pressure (1 750 Pa)

> long-lasting results guaranteed. +33% flow precision.

  • Sublimates the beauty of the hair

True ion generator emits millions of negative ions to eliminate frizz and seal the hair cuticles for shiny, healthy-looking hair. The Rapido’s temperature level has been optimized to offer the best combination between drying performance, styling performance and hair fiber care. The Rapido creates healthy-looking hair. 12 speed and temperature settings offer the best solution for all hair types and styles. The cool air button sets the style and shine.

  • One of the only hair dryers on the market to provide so many essential accessories:

3 concentrator nozzles:

> 4 x 70 mm: the thinnest in the market for optimal, controlled air pressure and even more efficiency on coarse hair and structured styling. > 6 x 60 mm: straight, narrow nozzle, perfect for straightening.

> 6 x 75 mm: beveled, large nozzle for smoother blow-drying. Silencer included > less noise pollution. Diffuser included > gently dries wavy and curly hair without giving too much volume.

The Rapido hairdryer is also available in black. So: Light bronze or Black? What color to choose for your hair salon?


• Air speed 194 km/h 
• Air pressure 1 750Pa
• Air flow 91 m3/hr.
• 399g
• Ionic technology
• Concentrator nozzles: 4x70mm 6x60mm and 6x75 mm

• Diffuser

• Silencer
• Removable rear filter for easy and quick cleaning

• 2.80 m tangle-free power cord.

Diffuser : BABD12E