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How do you choose your professional BaBylissPRO curling irons, curlers, wands for your salon?

There are a number of important criteria to be considered before you choose depending on the demand level…: its coating, its diameter, its usability, its speed and its ease in shaping curls, its temperature and its technology…

The curling iron is an essential for feminine beauty. As its name suggests, the styling device allows you to create curls. Several models are present on the market today. They vary in functionality, performance and design. We are going to discuss the difference between a classic curling iron, a taper and an automatic curling iron. We will also find out how to choose it according to its needs.

The conventional curling iron

Before the advent of modern curlers, we first used curling irons. In reality, there is not much difference between these two tools. The 2 main differences lie in the shaping and diameter of the loop. To achieve all styles of curls and waves on all lengths of hair, curling irons are ideal because they exist in different diameters: Ø10mm - for the creation of ultra-fine, well-defined and ultra-tight curls, Ø16mm - for the realization well-designed tight curls, the Ø19mm for well-defined curls, Ø25mm for plump and natural curls and the Ø32mm for wavy movement and waves.

The conical curling iron gives the possibility of making different types of artistic curls in complete freedom, thanks to its diameter decreasing from 32 to 19 mm or from 25 to 13 mm. Automatic and modern curlers The automated version is today's must-have in styling equipment, using patented BaByliss PRO technology that automatically activates and aspirates curls in the device's ceramic curling chamber. A perfect and durable curl is obtained, without any particular effort. It stands out for its practicality and performance.

Why choose an automatic curler?

One of the arguments used to promote sophisticated curling irons is speed. It saves considerable time to achieve glamorous curls. It takes an expert to handle and achieve perfect curls with a traditional curling iron. However, not everyone has the talent to create waves. Thanks to technology, creation becomes accessible to everyone. The ergonomics of the device makes the handling childish. In addition, handling is simplified by light weight as well as various functions. In terms of security, the automatic shutdown option will turn off the device after a certain time.

Instructions for use

Curlers with an automated function are very easy to handle. They are also recommended for the youngest who wish to learn the art of hairstyle in a loop. The first thing to do is turn on the tool. Then, you have to choose the right temperature according to the type of hair and adjust the period of shaping. The hair is wrapped as if by magic around the iron during the intervention. Four beeps will alert the user when the loop is complete. The duration of the operation varies depending on the type of hair. An instruction manual is supplied with the product to help you quickly become familiar with the tool.

Guide to choosing the right one

The curling iron comes in several shapes and models. Obviously, the criteria for the best styling device vary depending on the user. This tool will have to be adapted according to the nature of the hair. The technology used treats each hair type differently. Equipment with a heating tube is suitable for those who want a quick effect.

Conical irons are not recommended for beginners. It requires great precision as well as the use of additional protective equipment during use. Indeed, the use of special anti-heat glove is required to avoid burns. The choice can also be made according to the coating of the tube. The Titanium-Tourmaline technology allows a fast and perfect shaping of the curl. The fusion of Tourmaline crystals in the Titanium coating of the heating tube helps in the homogeneous and constant distribution of heat for an antistatic action on the hair. It guarantees optimum results and gives the iron incomparable longevity.

The Titanium-Diamond technology, the titanium alloy enriched with diamond powder, ensures perfect resistance of the coating to high temperatures and allows intensive professional use. What temperature to choose to curl the hair durably?

One of the essential criteria is to properly adjust the temperature of your curling iron. The temperature is adjusted according to the type of hair: 100 ° C-130 ° C: sensitized 130 ° C-150 ° C: colored, fine 150 ° C-180 ° C: medium, thick 180 ° C-230 ° C: curly, frizzy Each device has unique characteristics, hence the need to choose the right curling iron before purchasing.

Choosing the professional BaBylissPRO brand guarantees high-quality equipment designed for master hairstylists and adapted for intense daily use.

Discover and choose the professional curling irons ideal for your salon...