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How do you choose the professional BaBylissPRO airstylers, hot rollers and brushes for your salon?

Choosing the professional BaBylissPRO brand guarantees high-quality equipment designed for master hairstylists and adapted for intense daily use.

Most women laugh when they hear about hair rollers. They can even laugh when they see their grandmothers the employers. Indeed, they believe that these hairstyling accessories are only for the elderly. Some of them even think that they are old fashioned and no longer useful. Indeed, there are now many other alternatives to curlers, namely: curling irons, straighteners, hot brushes and hair dryers.

Cheap and practical accessory

Still, a roller is a cheaper, easier to use and convenient styling tool. It is easy to achieve top hairstyles.

Everything about the rollers' history:

Hair rollers were first used by women in the 19th century. At that time, they were still in the form of small rolls of lead. These were covered with fiber fabrics. For installers, it was enough to bend them. They have modernized more and more over the years. There are different sizes that allow you to vary the curls you want to achieve. The small models of 19mm curlers were aimed at making small, tight curls. Large rolls of 38mm diameter are obtained to obtain waves. The most used traditional models were the tulle models. They were attached to the hair using a plastic spike. There are also the foam items. These were the favorites of women who wanted to wake up with gorgeous curls in the morning. They were very flexible and it is possible to sleep in them without being embarrassed.

All the advantages of the accessory

The use of rollers is an effective method to have a curly hairstyle without the use of a curling iron. Moreover, these traditional tools are effective in making a long lasting curly hairstyle.

The characteristics of  BaBylissPRO professional rollers stand out from all the other models available on the market, sold in sets of 12, 20 or 30 curlers, ceramic technology or ceramic titanium, some models even have a velvet coating. Butterfly clips are also supplied in each set. We have the choice between several different colors to distinguish the different diameters 19mm, 25mm, 32mm or 38mm. Note that they should only be applied to damp hair for best results. A complete kit can contain up to 30 curlers. Heated models must be preheated before installation. They are not only used to curl, but also to straighten them.

Tips for using them well

For the installation, it is necessary to take a section of hair based on the desired curl. It will then have to be rolled up inwards. The best is to start from the tip to the root. In addition, it is also imperative to cascade them. In this way, we are practically sure to reach a less uniform rendering. In addition, the tool should always be applied to damp hair. The result is very impressive. We can create a wavy effect. To have a curly hairstyle, you have to opt for rollers with small diameters of 19mm. For a foolproof outfit, it is essential to apply styling mousse before or lacquer once the accessories have been removed.

How much do hair rollers cost?

The price may vary from one model to another. It mainly depends on the quality and number of rollers offered in the set. Hair rollers are more affordable compared to other models. However, it is important to know how to compare the price in the various online professional hairstyling stores. It will be easy to make a choice since many models are available in specialist hairdressing sales points of our partners stores.

The styling accessory in summary

Rollers are arguably the most popular grandmother's accessories. They allow you to make beautiful curls without using a curling iron. This is a cheap, but very practical hairstyling device for modern women.

Discover and choose the professional airstylers, hot rollers and brushes adapted for your salon...