Accès BaBylissPRO™ Private

300 W Trio airstyler



For fine-tuning drying and styling


The Trio airstyler BAB3400E is provided with 3 interchangeable brushes of 3 different sizes.

For ease of removal after styling, the brush head rotates, when the button above the switch is

As soon as the button is released, the brush is again firmly in position.

Each one of the 3 accessories can be used as follows:
- 24mm diameter: for use and styling on long hair
- 19mm diameter: for use and styling on medium-length hair
- 14mm diameter: for use and styling on short hair

The Trio airstyler offers 300 W power and 2 speed and heat settings:
I: medium airflow
II: high airflow

It can be used on pre-dried and/or dry hair.

2.70 m swivel power cord.