Accès BaBylissPRO™ Private



The Spray FX4in1 : maintains the blades and extends clippers and trimmers' life.


4 actions:

  • Lubricates,
  • Cleans,
  • Protects
  • Cools trimmers and clippers blades.

The Spray FX4in1 is especially formulated to maintain the blades and extend clippers and trimmers  life.  It perfectly lubricates the BaBylissPRO® blades. It cleans in all positions (360°) to dislodge the hair of the cutting head.  It protects it from oxidation and corrosion.  It cools the blades, avoiding over heating for a perfect cut.

To ensure an optimized cutting performance and extend your clipper’s, trimmer’s life, lubricate all blades on a regular basis before and after each use.

For a deep cleaning (FX7880E):

Remove the blade and brush off hairs from the blade edge. Brush the hairs out from between the fixed comb blade and the moving cutter blade while pressing down on the cleaning lever to raise the moving cutter blade. Spray the oil to the blades and within the space between the fixed comb blade and moving cutter blade. Insert the blade back, start the engine to distribute the oil evenly. Wipe off excess with a tissue.

Focus: It is recommended to lubricate the blade before first use


Aerosol 150 ml

EAN: 3030050149937 

Master carton: 12 pieces

INGREDIENTS: Butane/Isobutane/Propane, Paraffinum Liquidum, Isopropyle Myristate, Alcohol Denat., Sorbitan Oleate, Parfum (Fragrance).


1.Disconnect the machine before spraying.

2.Spray directly on the blades. 

3.Wipe off excess.