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SKELETONFX Gunsteel BaBylissPRO4Artists: professional metal precision trimmer with charging stand


Because you, barbers, hairdressers, need to have a perfect visibility when you are doing detailed work, close trimming, hair design, hair tattoos, precision cuts, the SKELETONFX is proudly brought to you by BaBylissPRO®.

The SKELETONFX - FX7870GSE is a professional precision trimmer specially developed with absolute precision in mind.

You may have sometimes noticed that with a traditional trimmer, the housing might block the sight line of where you are cutting.

Featuring a 360 degree exposed T-blade the SKELETONFX will give you complete visibility, no matter the position of the trimmer.

Another benefit of an exposed blade is that it runs cooler since there is no housing to trap the heat. And last, but certainly not least, the exposed blade lets you zero gap your tool without removing the blade. Beyond its stylish design, the machine is perfectly balanced for superior ergonomics and remarkably powerful. This heavy-duty professional trimmer is provided with a 40mm zero gap adjustable Japanese steel T-blade and a FERRARI designed EDM TECHNOLOGY* motor to deliver outstanding cutting performance and precise control.

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What's the main difference with all the BaBylissPRO models SkeletonFX ?

  • The charging stand 

Whether the precision trimmer is charged on its stand or directly plugged to the mains, the lithium-ion battery delivers ultra-fast charging time and outstanding 2-hour cordless run time!

  • High-grade 360 degree exposed T-blade

Precision engineered 40mm Japanese T-blade with zero gap adjustment. Ideal for close trimming, precise neck and beard outlining and also edging around ears, hair design and hair tattoos. Perfect for fine lines and creative styling. 360 degree exposed to provide a perfect visibility whatever the position you hold the trimmer. Features a specially designed adjustment tool to zero-gap the blade without having to remove it.

Why the SKELETONFX professional precision trimmer is so powerful ? 

Long-life high-torque Electronic Digital Motor delivers high-performance for clean close cutting. The technological advancement of electronically controlled digital motors allow them to be lighter, feature ultra-low vibration, consume less energy, have a longer lifespan and generate less noise pollution. High power cord or cordless control. Ideal for all hair types.

  • 100% professional

Robust all-metal housing design engineered for total professional reliability and uncompromising integrity. 3-hour quick charge and 2-hour battery operating time give you maximum flexibility, time saving and efficiency. Universal voltage allows you to travel the world with your precision trimmer.

  • Comfort

The SKELETON’s body is scientifically balanced for superior ergonomics. It features a knurled, non-slip grip for comfort and support. This appliance of a highly technical nature is lightweight and silent.

For more information, please read the instruction booklet. 

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• Zero Gap 40mm Japanese steel exposed T-Blade


• 7200 movements of blade per minute

• 3-hour charge time • 2-hour run time

• LED charge indicator light

> LED RED blinking - charging

> LED RED - fully charged

> LED RED flashing - 10 minutes battery left

• Zero-gap adjustment tools

• Cleaning brush and lubricating oil

• Charging stand