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How to choose the best professional clipper and trimmer for your salon or barber shop?

Whether you are a beginner hairstylist or an experienced barber... BaBylissPRO gives you the right tools to choose the clipper that suits you and take it to the next level...

It should be appropriate for using according to the cut or the finish (lengths, layers, styles, drawings, contours, design, etc.) and according to the demand level, several important criteria will be considered before choosing: its ergonomics, its handling, the power, the blades quality, its technology and its accessories…

Today, there are corded and cordless clipper / trimmer models for complete freedom of expression. Nonetheless, attention should in this case be paid to the autonomy, the battery’s recharging time and the trimmer’s use on the mains. The Lithium batteries offer improved autonomy with a quicker recharging time.

The motor’s power (with a rotating speed of at least 6000 – 9000 rpm - movement of blade / min .) determines the cutting performance, the higher the speed of the blade movement, the more precise the cut will be…

A charging base can be very useful and practical, it will facilitate your daily work, it will keep your clippers and trimmers always recharged, operational on your styling bench. 

The cutting lengths are pre-set from 0.6 to 3.6mm for the clippers and from 0.3 to 0.4mm for the trimmers.

It is vital that the clippers have several (from 2 to 8) cutting guides of varying lengths depending on the type from 1.5 to 25mm for the cut and from 3 to 16mm for the finish.

The quality of the blades is also very important, select Japanese Stainless Steel Blades, DLC -Diamond Like Carbon - Graphite which will extend their longevity.

The geometry of the Taper, Wedge, Fade blades will make it possible to obtain different results of gradients and fades according to your cutting technique.

Of course, before cutting, make a diagnosis beforehand, examine the type of hair (hard, thick, supple, curly, fine...), select the most suitable blade, identify the hair implantation (orderly or anarchic) ​​and finally check the type of skin (supple, sensitive, hard...) in order to choose the most efficient tool for achieving the desired cut.

And finally, maintaining the clippers/ trimmer’s blades is key: cleaning, brushing and regular oiling ensure an optimal life.

Choosing the professional BaBylissPRO brand guarantees high-quality equipment designed for master hairstylists and adapted to intense daily use.

Discover and choose the best professional clipper, trimmer and shaver for your salon...