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How do you choose your professional BaBylissPRO hairdryer for your salon?

There are a number of important criteria to be considered before you choose depending on the demand level…

its power, its ergonomics,  its weight, its manageability, its technology… and of course its accessories…

To ensure high-quality hair drying and styling, the professional hair dryer have a wattage range of 1800W to 2600W.

Watts determine the appliance’s air flow temperature and energy consumption. So it is essential to refer to the speed of the air flow in km/h rather than to the watts, since a higher speed means a faster drying time.
Nevertheless, you should also consider the nature and the type of the hair. Fragile or damaged hair should not be subjected to drying at too high temperatures or for too long. The temperature of the diffused airflow should be constant, adjusted and appropriate to the hair type.

The hair dryer should be ergonomic, light or compact to be easy to use throughout the day. It should be possible to hold it easily without muscle tension… Thanks to the innovation of a EDM technology miniaturised digital motor, the hair dryer is lighter, vibration is reduced producing considerably less noise pollution for optimal ease of use in the salon.

Special attention should also be paid to its technology, many innovations improve the performance of the drying but also the beauty of the hair fibre. It must absolutely have ionic technology, negative ions are released thereby neutralising static electricity, maximising hair care and enhancing the fibre.

And finally, it is vital that the hair dryer should have at least 2 different nozzles and 1 air diffuser to assist in ease of drying, styling and blow-drying. The slimmer it is, the more precise the styling will be. A silencer can be attached to reduce the decibel level…

Choose the professional BaBylissPRO brand, it’s the guarantee of having high-quality equipment designed for the master hair stylists and appropriate for intense daily use.

Discover and choose the ideal professional hairdryer for your salon...